Canadian Father-Son Duo to Fly Bell 429 Around the World

By S.L. Fuller | March 14, 2017
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Bell 429 Starspeed

Photo courtesy of James from Cheltenham

Canada plans to celebrate its 150th birthday this year, in part, by flying a domestically made Bell Helicopter 429 GlobalRanger around the globe. The father-son team that created the idea includes Dynatec Mining founder Bob Dengler and XE co-founder Steven Dengler. It has since turned into a registered Canadian nonprofit. The project is called C150 Global Odyssey, and the nonprofit bears the name C150GO. If successful, C150GO said it will be the “world’s first Canadian around-the-world helicopter flight, and the first ever father-son global circumnavigation by aircraft.”

The nonprofit said that its crew is comprised of both Denglers and retired Bell Global Ranger test pilot Rob ‘Dugal’ MacDuff. Bob Dengler has flown his Bell 429 on a 4,400-nm journey in 2015, and Steven is a fixed- and rotary-wing pilot. The trip is more than 22,990 miles, and the crew aims to do it in just over one month.


Slated for a July 1 start date, the endeavor is to depart Ottawa and visit more than 100 airports in 14 countries. The crew plans to visit Canadian landmarks both at home and abroad. Notable Canadians, like astronaut Dave Williams and hockey player Guy Lafleur, are planned to join along the way.

Money raised through the nonprofit would support the Southlake Regional Heal Centre Foundation and True Patriot Love Foundation.

"This historic milestone in Canadian aviation has been years in the making," said Steven Dengler, pilot and director of C150GO. "But for this journey to make a real impact on the lives of Canadians, we want to give back by raising funds for Southlake and True Patriot Love.”

C150GO is actively seeking donations. The project already has some sponsors, including Bell Helicopter. A stop at its plant in Quebec is on the itinerary.

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