Sundance Helicopters Offers Tour Options with Exotic Cars

By S.L. Fuller | March 14, 2017
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Sundance Helicopters

Photo courtesy of Sundance Helicopters

Sundance Helicopters has extended its offerings to those seeking a sightseeing adventure in Las Vegas. The Air Methods subsidiary announced that is has partnered with Exotic Driving Experiences for the new tour option, "Heli & Horsepower Experiences."

"Visitors from all over the world can now experience something unique," said Jim Greiner, president of Sundance Helicopters. "We've partnered with Exotic Driving Experiences to enable anyone to not only see one of the seven natural wonders of the world, but the thrill of driving a Ferrari, Lamborghini or American muscle car with Lake Mead as the backdrop."


Customers can choose from four different packages, ranging from $218 to $899 per person. The most inexpensive option allows the customer to pick out a vehicle, get behind the wheel for a 10-mile test drive on the Las Vegas Strip and surrounding back rounds, and take a Citylights tour in an Airbus Helicopters AS350. The most expensive option includes an "upgrade" from the Airbus AS350 to the Airbus EC130, multiple aerial tour locations and the opportunity to drive three different vehicle makes.

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