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NPAS Warton Completes Last Operational Shift Before April Closure

By S.L. Fuller | March 20, 2017
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The U.K. National Police Air Service Warton day crew arrived for its last operational shift on March 19. After a reported 23 years of service, local news outlets reported that the base is set to officially close next month.

Due to a reported 14% budget cut, the service implemented a plan in 2014 to close nine bases. Facilities in Warton, Wattisham and Durham Tees Valley are all set to close next month. To supplement the diminished resources, all remaining bases are reportedly expanding hours of operations from 12 hours to 24 hours. The service has claimed that the reduction in bases will not reduce the percentage of population it is able to reach within a 20-minute timeframe. The percentage for a 30-minute timeframe would decrease by 1%.


Farewells were expressed over social media, both by the Warton unit and the allies it served.

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