NTSB to Determine Cause of July 2015 EMS AS350 Crash

By S.L. Fuller | March 24, 2017
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LACSD_AS350_B2_medThe NTSB is set to meet on March 28 to determine the probable cause of the Flight for Life Colorado Airbus Helicopters AS350 B3e crash that took place on July 3, 2015.

The crash, which took place during attempted lift off in Frisco, Colorado, killed the pilot and seriously injured two flight nurses. This increased pressure on the FAA to facilitate more prompt action on crash-resistant fuel systems.

According to the NTSB Aviation Accident Preliminary Report, the rotorcraft impacted the upper west parking lot of the Summit Medical Center helipad. “A post-impact fire ensued,” the report said.


“Multiple witnesses observed the helicopter lift off from the ground-based helipad, rotate counterclockwise, and climb simultaneously. One witness estimated that the helicopter reached an altitude of 100 feet before it started to descend,” the report continued. “The helicopter continued to spin counterclockwise several times before it impacted a parking lot and an RV to the southwest of the Flight for Life hangar and helipad. The helicopter came to rest on its right side, was damaged by impact forces, and was charred, melted, and partially consumed by fire.”

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