SkyX Drones to Compete in the Oil and Gas Market

By S.L. Fuller | April 10, 2017
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SkyX SkyOne

Photo courtesy of SkyX

Unmanned aerial system company SkyX has just announced its launch — and it’s coming for the oil and gas industry.

"We have built not only a fantastic, game-changing product for the oil and gas industry, but have also built a fantastic team of experts ready to get it out there. The market is, obviously, of huge global importance. We know that our technology can significantly cut costs and improve efficiency — helping the sector as a whole, along with each and every customer,” said Didi Horn, SkyX founder and CEO.


Horn said its solution combining both VTOL flight and autonomous remote charging "puts us well ahead of the competition."

The Canada-based company also plans to tackle other industries, like railway and pipeline inspection. The drones, designated “SkyOne,” can fly autonomously at 93 mph for 70 minutes. When it’s time for a recharge, SkyX has created xStations. Instead of returning to base to recharge, SkyOne can fly to the nearest station and recharge itself in a weather-shielded dome. The drones can detect leaks, vandalism, vegetation and encroachment, among other capabilities.

“The oil and gas sector currently relies heavily on road vehicles and manned aircraft to detect any damage or threat. Both methods are more expensive, and less efficient than the SkyX solution,” the company said. “SkyOne allows for 24/7, unlimited data collection, provided in real-time and offers a far wider scope of information for the user.”

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