Ka-52K Completes Preliminary Testing At Sea

By S.L. Fuller | May 2, 2017
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Photo by Vitaly V. Kuzmin

Russian Helicopters’ Ka-52K has completed the first stage of testing at sea, the manufacturer said.

"Ka-52K completed the first stage of testing in the marine environment, the results of which we can conclude that the machine can be placed on board the aircraft carrier and successfully carry out tasks,” said Vladislav Savelyev, deputy general director of sales for Russian Helicopters. “The helicopter has unique characteristics, however, a trip to the sea is not enough to understand how to behave in its engines, avionics, control systems and weapons in the maritime environment. Job Design Office will continue with the test, including on aircraft carriers.”


The preliminary test phase started at the end of last year. It involved two helicopters, and tests were deemed successful. The aircraft are now available to Kamov engineers for additional research on individual components.

The Russian Navy has accepted the design for the Ka-52K. It can perform roles including patrol, rescue and combat. Russian Helicopters said the aircraft’s modern avionics suite allows it to navigate at sea, and an additional radio system allows for short-range navigation. The helicopter has shortened, foldable blades. Smaller-sized Ka-52 models are also available. It is built with corrosion-resistant materials and features a centralized fueling and upgraded air conditioning system.

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