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Lockheed Martin’s Indago Helps Locate Missing Persons

By S.L. Fuller | May 11, 2017
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Lockheed Martin Indago

Photo courtesy of Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin’s Indago unmanned aircraft system is now helping law enforcement agencies with search and rescue missions, the manufacturer said. As part of Project Lifesaver International, agencies can send out Indago to search for missing persons with autism, Down syndrome and dementia.

For the mission, Indago is equipped with Project Lifesaver’s electronic location system, used by first responders to search for individuals who have wandered. The small drone can be rapidly deployed. Lockheed Martin said that sheriff’s offices in New Jersey and Virginia have signed on for Indago’s services. Somerset County, New Jersey, has enrolled 23 children with autism or Down syndrome, and 17 adults with dementia, into Project Lifesaver.


“Coupling the Project Lifesaver antenna and control elements with the Indago system expands signal detectability, serves as an airborne relay, and greatly improves the probability of location success across broad search areas,” said Rich Bonnett, Indago program manager for Lockheed Martin unmanned systems. “This innovative technology is available for Project Lifesaver agents to further their important public safety mission, and more importantly, to reunite individuals with their families and caretakers.”

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