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Police Dept Orders 3rd MD 520, This One With New Glass Cockpit

By S.L. Fuller | May 24, 2017
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Photo courtesy of MD Helicopters

Prince George’s County, Maryland, Police Dept. wants to add a third MD Helicopters aircraft to its fleet, the manufacturer said. The aviation unit already operates two MD 520Ns, and has been since 2000. This third would make the unit the first law enforcement operator to fly the 450-shp Rolls-Royce 250-C20R/2-powered MD 520N with the new Block 1 all-glass cockpit.

“In airborne law enforcement you cannot support the citizens of your jurisdiction and the patrol officer on the street if you cannot afford to fly,” said Sargent Aaron Smith, Chief Pilot for Prince George’s County Police Aviation Section. “Direct operating costs, reliability, simplicity, maneuverability, quiet technology and most importantly, safety, all are factors we used to choose the MD 520 18-years ago, and we are choosing the right aircraft again today.”


The MD 520N features the NOTAR system for anti-torque and directional control. MD Helicopters said it makes the aircraft “one of the quietist helicopters in its class.” The glass cockpit includes a Howell instruments engine instruments display, Garmin G500H EFIS and Garmin GTN 60 navigation/communication/GPS, as well as the Garmin GTN 635 communication/GPS.

Delivery is expected in the second quarter of 2018.

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