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Transportation Research Board Helo Subcommittee to Meet for Mid-Year

By S.L. Fuller | May 26, 2017
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The Transportation Research Board (TRB) Aviation Group mid-year meetings are scheduled for May 31 to June 2 at the Keck Center in Washington, D.C. The Helicopter Subcommittee is set to meet June 1.

Vector Aerospace’s Les Clark chairs the subcommittee, with Christine Gerencher as the TRB staff representative. It is a subcommittee of the Standing Committee on Light Commercial and General Aviation, which is chaired by Rolland Vincent, president of Rolland Vincent Associates, LLC. No agenda is available at this time.

May 31, the Business Aviation Subcommittee is set to meet from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Following would be the Plenary Economic Outlook Discussion, to which all participants are invited.


Aside from the Helicopter Subcommittee, June 1 would also host TRB Airfield and Airspace Capacity and Delay (AV060), Commercial Airlines Subcommittee, TRB Aviation System Planning (AV020), and TRB Intergovernmental Relations in Aviation (AV010).

The TRB Aviation Group Executive Board meeting (AV000) taking place June 2 is invite-only.

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