Report: UAE Enters Nigerian Offshore Market Through New Partnership

By S.L. Fuller | June 5, 2017
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Leonardo AW139

Photo courtesy of Leonardo

The United Arab Emirates’ Abu Dhabi Aviation (ADA) and Nigeria’s Odengene Air-Shuttle Services Ltd. (OAS) helicopters have partnered for offshore rotorcraft, local news outlets reported.

An ADA Leonardo AW139, fully equipped for offshore operations, arrived at OAS Helicopters’ new facility at Port Harcourt Air Force Base last week, reports said. This signified the start of the partnership. ADA had reportedly been looking to enter the Nigerian market, looking for a rotorcraft partner for more than a decade. It has been reported that OAS Helicopters was looking for its offshore safety procedures to meet the best possible international standard. According to those reports, that was the driving force behind OAS Helicopers’ involvement in the partnership. Reports said ADA began working in the oil and gas market in 2016 and has accrued more than 1 million flight hours supporting oil and gas exploration, domestically and internationally.


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