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Israeli Police Buys Controp EO/IR Payloads

By S.L. Fuller | June 19, 2017
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CONTROP iSky-50HD Payload on new Israel Police Helicopter

Photo courtesy of Controp Precision Technologies Ltd.

Controp Precision Technologies Ltd. has sold several electro-optical/infrared (EO/IR) surveillance, defense and homeland security solutions to the Israeli Police, the company said. The iSky-20HD (formerly SHAPO-HD) and iSky-50HD (formerly DSP-HD) payloads are to be installed on new helicopters, integrated with Churchill Navigation mission systems.

“We are very proud that the iSky payloads were chosen for Israel Police helicopters. In addition, in recent months CONTROP has also sold several iSky-30HD and iSky-50HD systems to a variety of customers in North America, Asia-Pacific and Africa, for installation on helicopters, fixed-wing aircraft and other platforms,” said Hagay Azani, VP of marketing for Controp. “Incorporating the most advanced technologies in this field, the iSky is expected to draw a lot of attention and interest from military and para-military integrators as well as relevant end users.”


Controp has a line of six medium- and long-range aerial payloads, developed for challenging environments. They feature continuous optical zoom lenses, thermal imaging cameras, gyro-stabilized gimbals and multi-sensor options. The systems can be installed on manned or unmanned fixed- or rotary-wing aircraft. Controp iSky customers include those conducting search and rescue, border surveillance, law enforcement, special operations, maritime patrol and force protection unit missions.

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