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TAI T625 Mockup Makes Its Way to Paris

By S.L. Fuller | June 22, 2017
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Photo courtesy of Turkish Aerospace Industries Inc.

A mockup of the Turkish Aerospace Industries Inc. (TAI) T625 made an appearance at its first-ever Paris Air Show. In May, the multi-role helicopter mockup was displayed at the International Defence Industry Fair, IDEF, in Istanbul.

TAI said its T625 was “developed in response to the growing market demand for higher mission flexibility in this class.” It is a twin-engine, 6-ton-class rotorcraft, designed to operate in hot and high environments and adverse weather conditions. TAI has its eye on both domestic and international markets.


With an Aselan avionics with a glass cockpit, the T625 has two wide touchscreen integrated mission displays and a data-entry touch command control unit. The four-axis dual redundant automatic flight control system, TAI said, can provide a higher level of performance and handling quality. In May, Quantum3D Inc. said it had been selected to provide the T625 simulator with its image-generation technology.

The cabin can seat 12 and can be configured fro cargo, VIP transport, emergency medial, offshore, and search and rescue missions. It is also designed for IFR and VFR single-pilot operations. TAI said the retractable landing gear supports efficient fuel consumption.

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