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New York City Environmental Protection Police Wants an AW119Kx

By S.L. Fuller | July 26, 2017
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A119 Koala

A119 Koala. Photo courtesy of Leonardo

The New York City Dept. of Environmental Protection Police plans to welcome a Leonardo AW119Kx to its fleet, Leonardo said. Delivery is expected next year, and the helicopter is to be used in support of water supply protection.

This helicopter is to be equipped with a searchlight, FLIR, external loudspeakers, rappelling and cargo hooks, expanded fuel system, a foldable stretcher, and high visibility crew doors on both sides of the aircraft. Leonardo said the department’s AW119Kx also includes provisions for a Bambi Bucket.


Featuring a large cabin, the AW119Kx can hold up to six passengers and redundancy of all critical systems, Leonardo said. More than 280 AW119s have been ordered in 35 counties by almost 120 customers. Besides law enforcement, the AW119Kx can perform missions including air ambulance, utility, firefighting, VIP transport, training and more.

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