Indiana Helicopters, Helimotion Merge into Sweet Helicopters

By S.L. Fuller | August 3, 2017
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Sweet Helicopters AS365 N2 Dauphin

AS365 N2 Dauphin. Photo courtesy of Sweet Helicopters

Helimotion and Indiana Helicopters have joined forces to form Sweet Helicopters. The new company said that despite the new appearance, pilots and ownership would not change.

A charter service, Sweet Helicopters offers professional, private, scenic and utility/production flights. The company said it is adding two more helicopters to its fleet. According to the Sweet Helicopters website, the current fleet includes the Eurocopter EC120B, EC130, EC130T2, AS350B3e, AS355F-2 and AS365 N2; and the N283SH Enstrom 280FX.


Sweet Helicopters serves the Midwest and Great Lakes area. This includes Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Illinois, among other locations.

Photo courtesy of Sweet Helicopters via Facebook

Photo courtesy of Sweet Helicopters via Facebook

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