Germany’s ‘First’ EASA Level D Helo Simulator Belongs to Airbus

By S.L. Fuller | September 13, 2017
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Photo courtesy of Airbus Helicopters

The German Federal Aviation Office has awarded Airbus Helicopters’ H145 simulator level D status. According to Airbus, the simulator, located at the company’s training academy, is the “world’s first H145 full flight simulator” to be certificated. Airbus also said it is the first helicopter simulator in Germany to receive EASA level D certification.

“Thanks to the world’s first H145 simulator, we can provide our customers with an excellent training environment,” said Charles Hebeka, head of Airbus Helicopters Training Centres in Germany. “This is a further step we are taking together with our customers towards guaranteeing maximum flight safety when operating our helicopters.”


With the highest level of certification, pilots can now log the training hours they gain from the H145 simulator as actual flight hours, according to the company. EASA level D certification required the simulator to have the ability to move in six directions, to provide a field of view of at least 180 deg, to work with realistic acoustic and visual simulations and to perform several special motion effects. Airbus said its simulator “fulfills and partially exceeds the requirements.”


Photo  courtesy of Airbus Helicopters

The simulator provides training for missions under extreme flight conditions, and for practicing various emergency procedures, among other scenarios. It can be utilized by pilots in initial training and refresher courses, for specific instruction on emergency procedures, for flights according to IFR, in offshore conditions and at night with night-vision goggle technology. It can also train pilots for Cat. A operations. Each year, Airbus said, more than 400 pilots pass through the Training Academy in Donauwörth, completing more than 1,500 flight hours in the process.

Built in cooperation with Spain’s Indra Systemas, the H145 simulator includes H145 software, an original cockpit and other H145 parts. Airbus said this provides the fully simulated and realistic functionality of the helicopter, its engines and the Helionix avionics suite.

Last week, an Airbus H145M took its first flight with a complete HForce weapon system. The flight occurred in Donauwörth. With a mission computer from Rockwell Collins, HForce is an onboard weapon system that can turn convert civil helicopters into an armed unit.

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