Russia Talks Deals with China at Helicopter Expo 2017

By S.L. Fuller | September 15, 2017
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Mi-26TS. File photo

Russian Helicopters and China’s Avicopter determined the technical parameters of the prospective heavy helicopter, Russian Helicopters said. During China Helicopter Expo 2017, the two negotiated the financial aspects of the cooperation.

An intergovernmental agreement was signed last year, stating that the aircraft was to be produced in China and would meet Chinese needs. Avicopter would be in charge of the program as a whole, designing, constructing prototypes, testing, certification and other aspects. Russian Helicopters said it would invest in technology and develop a technical proposal and individual machine systems on a contract basis. Russia’s prime minister approved the deal in February.


"With Chinese partners, we were able to come to a consensus on the technical parameters of the PTV project; we clearly understand the characteristics of the machine,” said Andrei Boginsky, general director of Russian Helicopters. He continued that a contract should be signed by the end of the year.

Russian Helicopters said it also held talks with Emergency Response Beijing 999. The operator was, according to the manufacturer, interested in potentially purchasing Ansats. And talks with Lectern Aviation Supplies Co. included the prospects of supplying Mi-26TS to China.

"The market of civil helicopter equipment in China is extremely extensive, we observe a steady demand for our machines in almost all segments and we expect that in the future the Chinese operators' need for quality and reliable helicopters will only grow,” Boginsky said. " We are now laying the foundations for fruitful cooperation for the years ahead."

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