Becker Showcases 8.33-kHz-Spacing VHF Radio

By James T. McKenna | September 22, 2017
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Inside a twin-engine helicopter cockpit showing modern dashboard and cyclic control stick.

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Communication and navigation specialist Becker Avionics is showcasing three of its latest products at Helitech, including its RT 6512 VHF Radio with extended air-band frequency capability and digital connectivity.

Becker said the RT 6512 meets the upcoming 8.33-kHz channel-spacing mandate with the certified RCU6512 radio control unit.


The company, which for 50 years has provided equipment to general and corporate aviation, air traffic control, law enforcement and others around the world, also is highlighting its BXT 6513 ADS-B transponder with diversity capability and digital connectivity and DVCS6500 Digital Voice Communication System.

The DVCS6500 consists of the AMU6500 Audio Management Unit, with full digital audio processing and up-and-down scalability to support clear communication.

Becker is exhibiting at Helitech Booth G01.

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