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Sikorsky Subsidiary Gets a Medical Interior STC for H130

By S.L. Fuller | October 12, 2017
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LifePort medical interior for the H130 aircraft. Photo courtesy of LifePort

LifePort medical interior for the H130 aircraft. Photo courtesy of LifePort

LifePort has received an FAA supplemental type certificate for an Airbus Helicopters H130 interior, the company said. The Sikorsky subsidiary’s lightweight medical interior can be reconfigured quickly, it said.

“The H130 delivers twin-engine like capability in a single-engine air medical environment. Its’ unobstructed cabin offers full patient access and the large front hinged and sliding rear doors allow for ergonomic loading and unloading of patients,” said Airbus Helicopters Inc. “LifePort’s STCed EMS interior offers our customers another option, without compromise to the H130’s outstanding performance in high and hot environmental conditions.”


LifePort said system capabilities include:

  • Modular interior that can be easily reconfigured, modified or removed in two hours after initial installation
  • MedPak Advanced Life Support (ALS) services module in baggage compartment including oxygen, vacuum, and compressed air
  • MedDeck rotating stretcher system allowing a patient to be loaded and positioned from outside the aircraft
  • Multiple electrical outlets and USB ports for carry-on equipment
  • Utilizes existing seat track and allows the co-pilot seat to be easily re-installed when the stretcher system is removed
  • Capable of transporting patient stretchers or incubators
  • Saves approximately 100 pounds over alternate systems

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