FAA Certificates Precision Flight Controls, Ryan Aerospace Bell Simulator

By S.L. Fuller | October 13, 2017
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Photo courtesy of Ryan Aerospace (Australia)

Photo courtesy of Ryan Aerospace (Australia)

California’s Precision Flight Controls and Ryan Aerospace (Australia) have received FAA Advanced Aviation Training Device certification for the jointly developed simulator, Ryan Aerospace said. The H-206 can be used as a generic helicopter training tool and is reconfigurable between the Bell Helicopter 206 and 407.

The device features a full PC rack system with licensed software and instructor operator station. Users can create scenarios, set weather conditions, change time of day or night, select any airport around the globe, and induce failures.


The simulator also includes the Garmin 530, which uses RealityXP software to offer GNs530W with virtually full functionality, according to Ryan Aerospace. Customers can choose between a projection dome visual system or LCD panel display, and there are options for avionics, motion and vibrations systems.

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