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Operators Can Now Use Truth Data Services to Analyze FDM Data

By S.L. Fuller | October 16, 2017
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Data analysis company Truth Data has proven its ability to read and analyze flight data from the Garmin G1000 integrated flight deck, the company’s president, Peter Henrikson, told R&WI. This also means that air medical operators flying the Bell Helicopter 407GX can now use Truth Data services, as it features the Garmin flight deck.

For air ambulance operators of 407GXs, this could be beneficial. The FAA’s deadline for compliance with its 2014 flight data monitoring mandate is in April 2018.


“The Garmin G-1000 unit that's in the aircraft provides data already,” Henrikson said. “So there may even be ways for some operators with particular equipment in their aircraft to be compliant with the mandate without having to go through the extra cost and installation process.”

According to the rule, all air ambulance operators are required to equip with a flight data monitoring system. Although the rule does not require data collection, operators may want to take advantage of the recorder. SevenBar Aviation, which flies seven Leonardo helicopters, is using Truth Data to do just that.

“We've been fortunate that we've been able to find a vendor that can help provide us with the service without having to go out and do a major investment with the purchasing of analytical software and animation software and hiring an employee to do this specific functions for a relatively small fleet,” Sean Mulholland, SevenBar Aviation’s director of safety, told R&WI. “By working with a vendor, we're able to bend the cost curve such that we can make it work, and we can get a very high quality product to do more than just 'fill the square' where the mandate is concerned. [We can] actually build a robust and effective ... quality assurance function within our [safety management system].”

Want to learn more about how air ambulance operators are working to comply with the FAA’s 2018 mandate and get the most out of their equipment? Check out the November/December issue of R&WI, out now!

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