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Queensland Orders More Leonardo AW139s to Modernize Fleet

By S.L. Fuller | October 25, 2017
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Two Leonardo AW139s will make their way to Queensland, Australia, for air medical and search-and-rescue operations. File photo

The Queensland, Australia, government has ordered two Leonardo AW139s, the manufacturer said. The aircraft would replace two older models as part of a fleet modernization program and add to three AW139s already in service performing air medical and search-and-rescue operations.

Expected to enter service by December 2018, the aircraft are to be operated by Queensland Government Air (QGAir), which is a division of the Queensland government’s Public Safety Business Agency. They are to be based in Townsville and serve North Queensland. The aircraft would also be subject to fleet rotation between North and South when needed.


There are already 30 AW139s in service with various Australian customers. In total, more than 250 customers from some 70 nations have ordered nearly 1,000 AW139s, Leonardo said. Almost 900 of those are in service.

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