Should There Be Concern About the FAA’s Drone Advisory Committee?

By R&WI Staff | November 1, 2017
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drone silhouette

Photo by Greg Clarke

The FAA Drone Advisory Committee's next meeting is slated for Nov. 8. Amazon is set to be the host, with the gathering to be held at its headquarters in Seattle. This would be the committee's fifth meeting.

The last meeting, held in July, was done virtually. The third took place in Virginia. Before that, the host state was Nevada, and the inaugural meeting took place in Washington, D.C. So far, the committee has confirmed tasking statements for its three task groups, setting objectives that are, for the most part, focused on integrating drones into the national airspace. While the main committee meetings are open to the public, task group meetings are not. And members of the committee (of all the members, two represent the rotorcraft industry) have said themselves that its in the task groups where the real work is done.


But is quality work getting done? According to The Washington Post, those task group meetings have not gone well — particularly for the first task group. Read more about the Drone Advisory Committee here.

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