FAA Proposes Changes to Part 27, 29 Certification Standards

By S.L. Fuller | November 3, 2017
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FAA SealThe FAA wants to change the certification standards of Part 27 and Part 29 rotorcraft. In a notice of proposed rulemaking, the agency said it aimed to reduce or eliminate some certification requirements for modern rotorcraft, and incorporate new safety requirements.

“The FAA is proposing to update parts 27 and 29 because the regulations were originally published in 1964,” the agency said, “and revisions to the airworthiness standards have not kept pace with advances in technology for rotorcraft.”

Specifically, the FAA said it its proposed rule would take into consideration NTSB recommendations regarding lithium-ion batteries


Under the proposed rule, changes would be made to:

  • Powerplant Instruments
  • Rotorcraft Equipment, Systems and Installations
  • Automatic Flight Guidance and Control Systems
  • Instrument Systems
  • Electrical Systems and Equipment and Energy Storage Systems
  • Instrument Markings
  • Control Markings

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