Waypoint Leasing Brings H145 to Chile for First Time With Ecocopter

By S.L. Fuller | November 7, 2017
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Photo by Paul Sadler

Chile’s Ecocopter is now leasing an Airbus Helicopters H145 for utility work. Waypoint Leasing, the lessor, said this delivery marks the H145’s entry into the country.

“We are pleased to complete our first transaction with Ecocopter, an important new customer for Waypoint, and to facilitate the entry of the H145 to the Chilean market,” said Steffen Bay, Waypoint’s VP of sales and relationship management for Latin America. “We look forward to supporting Ecocopter’s utility work in Chile and Peru.”


Ecocopter, according to its website, flies an Airbus-exclusive fleet that includes the EC135, EC130 B4, the AS350 B3 and now the H145. Before the new lease, the company operated 10 helicopters and considered it “one of the most modern fleets in the Southern Cone.” Through a “strategic alliance” with Erickson Inc., Ecocopter said it is able to operate in the oil and gas industry as well as mining.

In September, Waypoint established a leasing platform in China. It is located in the Tianjin Free Trade Zone (FTZ) DFTP Area (DFTP), and the company hopes to expand its footprint in the country.

The H145 was formerly called the EC145 T2. It features the manufacturer’s Helionix avionics suite and four-axis autopilot. The aircraft is powered by Safran Helicopter Engines Arriel 2Es and has a new tail gearbox and updated main gearbox. The H145 can accomdate up to eight passengers in standard configuration and 10 passengers in a higher density configuration — plus one or two pilots. For buyers, Airbus offers a health and usage monitoring system as an option.

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