FAA OKs More Horsepower for Cabri G2

By S.L. Fuller | November 10, 2017
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Cabri G2

Photo courtesy of Helicopteres Guimbal

Helicopteres Guimbal’s Cabri G2 has reached another milestone. According to the manufacturer, the aircraft now has more allowed horsepower.

The FAA has approved Service Bulletin 17-009, which allows the pilot to use additional horsepower from the aircraft’s Lycoming 0360-J2A. Guimbal said that allowed power used to be 145 horsepower. Now pilots can utilize 160 horsepower “without any negative implications to operating costs or additional inspections,” according to Guimbal.


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“The Cabri has been a safe and reliable training platform for our school,” said Chris Bailey of Midwest Helicopters. The firm operates four Cabris with more planned to come in 2018. “With the new Bulletin, the additional power will further enhance the margins of safety we've come to rely on.”

Cabri G2 No. 215 is currently in production. The aircraft’s worldwide fleet has reached nearly 140,000 flight hours. The 200th Cabri G2 was delivered earlier this year.

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Airbus Helicopters began flight testing its own version of the Cabri G2 this year. However, the Airbus variant is autonomous. In June, the company announced its VSR700, designed for military applications, was undergoing flight trials focused on the automatic flight control system.

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