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Episode 3: Part 2 Episode Explores Future of Autonomy, Drones and More

By Amy Kluber | November 10, 2017
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Rotorcraft Business and Technology Summit Lee Benson

Lee Benson during a Q&A session at the Rotorcraft Business and Technology Summit. Photo by Ed Garza

In the last of this two-part episode, we take a look at the highlights and Q&As of the rest of the Rotorcraft Business and Technology Summit held in Fort Worth, Texas, in September. Highlights include comments from Airbus' Voom CEO Uma Subramanian, a look at the future of autonomy and the state of the business.

Panels highlighted in this episode:


State of the Business

Alex Youngs, VP of Strategy & Analysis, Vector Aerospace
B.J. Raysor, SVP of Operations, SevenBar Aviation
Allan Rowe, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Commercial, Waypoint Leasing
Don Roby, Training Program Manager, Airborne Law Enforcement Association (ALEA)
Imran Hayat, Chief Compliance Officer & Chief Litigation Counsel, CHC Helicopter
Les Clark, Manager, Data Analysis, Vector Aerospace

Low-Level Infrastructure and Vertical Flight

Rex Alexander, Head of Aviation Infrastructure, Uber Technologies, Inc.
Rune Duke, Director of Government Affairs, Airspace & Air Traffic, Aircraft Owners And Pilots Assn (AOPA)
Cliff Johnson, Research Engineer & Unmanned Aircraft Systems Task Lead, FAA Technical Center
Jonathan Godfrey, CMO, LZ Control

The Future of Rotorcraft: Autonomy

Mike Hirschberg, Executive Director, American Helicopter Society International
Mark Cherry, (former) President, Aurora Flight Sciences
Layne Merrit, Chief Engineer, U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Research, Development and Engineering Center
James Blyn, Propulsion Engineer & Rotorcraft UAS Focal, Regulations and Policy Section, Rotorcraft Standards Branch, FAA
Michael McNair, Innovation Manager, Autonomy, Bell Helicopter

Building Urban Mobility

Uma Subramanian, CEO, Voom, an Airbus Subsidiary

Tapping “Big Data” for Efficiency and Safety

Brian Tucker, Associate Technical Fellow, Integrated Vehicle Health Management, Bell Helicopter
Josh Melin, Senior Product Line Manager, HUMS, Honeywell Aerospace
Dennis Dunaway, VP, PeopleTec Inc
Bjorn Stickling, Manager, Diagnostics, Prognostics & Engine Health Management, Pratt & Whitney Canada

Tech Hurdles to Drone Market Development

Todd Graetz, Director, Technology Services / Unmanned Aerial Systems, BNSF Railway
Brad Hayden, President & CEO, Robotic Skies
Jonathan Evans, Co-President, Skyward

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