Sikorsky Successfully Completes 3-Year Effort to Bring S-92 to Mexico

By S.L. Fuller | November 14, 2017
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Photo courtesy of Lockheed Martin

Operators can now put the Sikorsky S-92 to work in offshore and utility missions. The manufacturer said that Mexico’s Directorate General of Civil Aeronautics (DGAC) has approved the aircraft’s Offshore and Utility Type Certificate.

“This moves us another step forward in our overall Latin America strategy,” said Sikorsky VP for Latin America Adam Schierholz. “The region has long had faith in Sikorsky products, specifically the Black Hawk. It’s a natural progression, as oil markets expand in Mexico and Colombia that the S-92 would start to play a prominent role in that sector.”


With the certification, the S-92 can operate in all production configurations. This includes offshore oil and gas transportation, search and rescue, airline passenger service and VIP transportation. Lockheed Martin said the signing of the certificate, which occurred last week, capped a three-year effort to introduce the S-92 into Mexico.

“Sikorsky has been excited to watch the evolution of the offshore oil and gas industry in Mexico,” said Sikorsky VP of Oil & Gas David Martin. “As the industry expands into new territory, safe and reliable offshore transportation will ensure they remain on schedule and on budget.”

Colombia certificated the S-92 November 2016. Sikorsky has delivered almost 300 of the aircraft model since 2004.

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