Dangle Aviation Completes UH-60 Project, Moves on to S-70i

By S.L. Fuller | November 30, 2017
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S-70i makes first flight in Poland. Photo from file.

S-70i makes first flight in Poland. File photo

TAI-Global Group’s Dangle Aviation just finished one Sikorsky UH-60 project and is now set to start on another. The newly awarded contract covers work on an S-70i.

The first project involved a Black Hawk from the Mexican Federal Police. It had sustained battle damage, Dangle Aviation said, including bullet holes that resulted in extensive structural damage. The aircraft’s engines were removed and sent to England’s H+S Aviation for inspection and repair while Dangle Aviation completed the structural work.


“When a bullet passes through a helicopter, it can cause considerable hidden damage,” TAI-GLOBAL Group VP Sergio Gonzalez said. “Our technicians needed to completely disassemble the aircraft to find all the damage, in order to repair it properly.”

The new contract is also came from Mexico — Jalisco, to be exact. The S-70i is to be serviced at Ryan Airfield in Tucson, Arizona. The aircraft is to receive a rescue hoist and a cargo hook.

Dangle Aviation is an FAA-certificated repair station and overhaul servicer for Sikorsky-manufactured aircraft.

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