DTN Expands AviationSentry, Giving RotorWatch Users More Global Data

By S.L. Fuller | December 5, 2017
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Weather information provider DTN has added a new capability to its helicopter offering. Customers using RotorWatch now have access to more global data, as DTN’s AviationSentry Online solution has been expanded.

“AviationSentry and RotorWatch go hand-in-hand,” said Raj Shankar, VP of product management. “These enhancements increase the overall value for helicopter operators on a global scale as it allows users to ensure safety with customized caution and warning levels specific to their operations.”


DTN said that the new features can fill the gap that occurs when helicopters fly too far away from official weather observation stations. The flight-category-specific content comes from a blend of observations and forecast model data. DTN said RotorWatch allows the dispatch team or the operations control center maintain constant situational awareness of assets in terms of real-time and forecast weather conditions found with the asset alert thresholds.

RotorWatch already contained 14 different alert parameters, used for monitoring the real-time position of a helicopter against weather. Newly added to the global offering are ceiling height and visibility.

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