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Argentinian Government Takes Delivery of 4 Bell 412EPs

By S.L. Fuller | December 13, 2017
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Argentina Bell 412EP Delivery

Photo courtesy of Bell Helicopter

The Argentinian government has formally taken delivery of four Bell Helicopter 412EPs. The manufacturer said the aircraft would be used for search and rescue operations, humanitarian assistance and disaster relief, peacekeeping support, scientific operations in the Antarctic, and other missions.

Bell said the government submitted the proposal for the 412EPs in 2015. It was approved by the State Department that same year.


The twin-engine helicopter has a dual digital automatic flight control system with available IFR option and Category A/JAR OPS 3 capability. According to Bell, this provides greater control and improved situational awareness. The aircraft has a cruise speed of 122 kt, range of 357 nm and a cabin that can accommodate 13 passengers and two crew members.

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