Leonardo Wins Italian Innovation Award for Electric Tail Rotor

By S.L. Fuller | December 18, 2017
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AW189. Photo courtesy of Leonardo

The Italian government has recognized Leonardo for its research and development of an electric tail rotor, the manufacturer said. It received the National Award for Innovation — known as the ““Premio dei Premi” — during a ceremony held at the Chamber of Deputies.

"Technological innovation is a necessary condition for growth and a decisive factor for sustainable and lasting development,” said Alessandro Profumo, Leonardo's CEO. “That’s why Leonardo invests annually 1.4 billion euros, 11% of its revenues, in research and development, and has a policy based on open innovation, using tools and technological skills that come from outside the company."


The tail rotor project was developed under the European “Clean Sky” program, Leonardo said, and provides reliability, safety, maintenance, operational use and fuel consumption benefits. It also has a “significant environmental impact reduction,” according to the company. The tail rotor is part of a roadmap, Leonardo said, to increase the use of electrical equipment in aircraft systems and propulsion.

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