More Helo Incidents in Japan as Two Make Emergency Landings

By S.L. Fuller | January 8, 2018
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Photo from file

A U.S. military helicopter made an emergency landing Monday in Okinawa, Japan. According to multiple news reports, this is the second time in three days a helicopter has done so.

ABC News reported a Marine Corps Bell Helicopter AH-1 landed in a field outside on the main island. Multiple reports referenced Japanese public broadcaster NHK, which reported that the crew landed the aircraft after a warning light came on. There were no reported injuries.


The first incident was reported to have occurred Saturday. ABC News said a Marine Corps Bell UH-1Y landed on an Okinawan beach due to a faulty rotor. According to the report, the “rotor appeared to be spinning too fast.” There were no injuries reported.

Both incidents followed two that reportedly happened in December. In one highly publicized incident, a window reportedly fell from a Sikorsky CH-53 into a school playground located near Marine Corps Air Station Futenma. One child reportedly suffered minor injuries.

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