CHC Breaks Ground on Aberdeen Construction Project

By S.L. Fuller | January 19, 2018
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CHC AW139 in flight over North Sea. Photo courtesy of CHC Group

CHC has broken ground on a “major redevelopment” of its base in Aberdeen, Scotland, the operator said. It plans terminal and hangar upgrades, as well as a new operations center.

The passenger terminal serves several thousand workers as they travel to and from offshore installations in the North Sea, CHC said. The upgrades would yield improved lounges, a more modern and comfortable environment, and various other new facilities.


CHC said the operations center product would incorporate “the latest in modern aviation technology.” According to a report by Energy Voice, that center is set to be finished by June.

That report also noted that CHC EMEA Regional Director Mark Abbey noted that the roof of the heliport would be raised and covered in part by glass.

Karl Fessenden, CHC president and CEO, recently told R&WI the company is “seeing signs of stabilization” in the oil and gas market, although it still presents a challenge. But CHC expects to see new opportunities offshore in both wind and oil and gas, he continued, as well as search and rescue and EMS. CHC also continues to invest in maintenance, repair and overhaul through Heli-One.

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