Cabin Floor Trays for R44 Get OK from FAA

By S.L. Fuller | January 22, 2018
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RAMM Aerospace R44 Floor Trays copy

Photo courtesy of RAMM Aerospace

Cabin floor trays from RAMM Aerospace are now certificated by the FAA for the Robinson Helicopter Co. R44.

This product adds to its offerings, which RAMM said includes precut carpet or utility flooring kits, leather controls boot kit and the replacement seat kit with detachable cushions, among other items.


“We continue to add to our Robinson product line. The cabin floor tray FAA [supplemental type certificate] is the sixth STC and we have another six STCs pending,” said Mike Petsche, VP of engineering for RAMM. “Designing kits with thoughtful features is essential as we bring products to market. We want to offer certified kits that have something unique and creative about them, like our R44 cabin floor trays.”

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