Italian Army Helos Evacuate 150 Under Avalanche Threat, Reports Say

By S.L. Fuller | January 24, 2018
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Italian Army AB-212

Italian Army AB-212. Photo courtesy of the Italian Army

The risk of avalanche prompted the evacuation of some 150 people in Northern Italy Tuesday. Multiple news outlets, including Associated Press, said four Italian Army helicopters transported people out of remote places after heavy snow in the Alps posed a threat.

Of those 150 people, reports said 75 were located at a mountainside hotel near the Austrian border. An avalanche had occurred near that area the previous night, although it did not affect the hotel.


Reports said each helicopter transported seven people per flight, moving them to a school in San Valentino. Evacuations were performed in clear conditions.

Some 6.6 feet of snow was dumped on the northern crest of the Alps, causing the avalanche risks, reports said.

The evacuation area and other tourist sites have reportedly been cut off by the snow.

Reports said that other locations in France and Switzerland have also been made unreachable by the snow.

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