VIDEO: What Do You Think About All This Rebranding?

By S.L. Fuller | February 23, 2018
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I want to talk about Bell Helicopter, of course!

Well, Bell, since "Bell Helicopter" no longer exists.

As of yesterday, the manufacturer changed its name to just "Bell" and swapped its old logo for a brand new one. CEO Mitch Snyder said, "The word 'helicopter' was very confining. The fact is, we're not a helicopter company. We're not a tiltrotor company. We're a tech company redefining flight."


Bell's new logo. Image, courtesy of Bell.

Here's Bell's explanation for its new dragonfly logo that it posted on Instagram:



It was shocking, but not so shocking. Restructuring and rebranding are becoming somewhat of a norm. Bristow and Airbus look different than they did five years ago. CHC rebranded last year. And just a few weeks ago, I was in Switzerland reporting on Marenco Swisshelicopter's rebrand to "Kopter."

The interesting thing about Kopter is that its re-branding is pretty much the opposite of what Bell's is. Bell is hoping to be viewed as more than just a helicopter original equipment manufacturer (OEM) while Kopter is hoping to be viewed as a serious helicopter OEM. But both of them are trying to be successful in today's aviation industry. It goes without saying that these are two totally different companies with different products and histories and capabilities, etc. But which approach do you think is wiser?

Is Bell ingenious and forward-thinking, or was it a mistake to leave the "Helicopter" behind? Does Kopter know exactly what it's doing, or has it made its future too narrow? I want to know what you think. Leave some comments!

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