FLYT Launches Helicopter-Booking Platform

By R&WI Staff | April 16, 2018
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FLYT platform

FLYT platform. Image courtesy of FLYT

FLYT, a digital helicopter-booking service allowing customers to view quotes from a range of U.K. helicopter operators and book online via desktop, tablet or smartphone, is now live.

FLYT is the brainchild of helicopter pilot and tech entrepreneur Andy King and SaxonAir co-founder James Palmer.


Located at The London Heliport in Battersea and with a tech team in central Manchester, FLYT’s goal is to bring the same technology clients are now enjoying in the private jet sector to commercial helicopter bookings.

By working with operators to fill empty seats on shared charters, FLYT is also hoping to maximize revenue and utilization for operators.

The company will work with a database of helicopter traffic, continually capturing and analyzing thousands of recorded helicopter flights. This will enable FLYT to advise on realistic flight times and estimated costs in real time.

FLYT is marketing directly to consumers. It is now working on a booking app and will be reaching out to lifestyle and sporting event partners, including luxury hotels with helipads, to support the platform.

FLYT describes its process similar to that of existing ridesharing services like Uber. The customer enters trip details, which FLYT then uses to calculate cost and flight time. The platform then identifies the most suitable operator, who then has the option to accept or reject the request. Once an operator is confirmed, the customer is provided further details, including meeting location, and completes payment.

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