Airbus, Audi to Provide Urban Mobility Services This Year

By R&WI Staff | April 26, 2018
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Airbus Audi Urban Mobility

Photo courtesy of Airbus

Airbus and Audi together will deliver an end-to-end transportation service, starting in São Paulo and Mexico City mid-year. This partnership will provide ground transportation serviced by Audi vehicles and helicopter transport via Airbus’ Voom on-demand helicopter-booking service.

Airbus has already carried out successful trials in São Paulo of its helicopter ride-hailing service Voom, which aims to ease congestion by making helicopter travel more accessible and affordable. Voom started in the manufacturer’s Silicon Valley outpost, A^3, in 2017. Airbus said it integrated Voom as a service in February. Since March 2018, the service is also available in Mexico City.


Airbus and Italdesign are partnering on Pop Up, a full-electric, auto-piloted and modular concept, including a capsule connected to either ground or air module.

Elsewhere, teams are working to create entirely new vehicles: CityAirbus, which the company said will be ready to fly before the end of 2018, is a technology demonstrator of an electric vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) vehicle for up to four passengers. Vahana aims to create a similar mode of transport for individual travelers or cargo. It completed its first full-scale flight in January 2018. In Singapore, the company is working with the country’s National Universityon the Skyways project to test a parcel transportation system using autonomous drones.

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