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Robinson Helicopter Comments on Unauthorized Repairs in Brazil

By R&WI Staff | May 8, 2018
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Robinson R44. Photo courtesy of Sky Helicopters

Robinson Helicopter Company has been notified of several reports and allegations of unauthorized repairs on main rotor blades of R22 and R44 in Brazil. The company has released on its website an alert that de-bonded or “repaired” main rotor blades can lead to a fatal accident.

Any A016-4, CO16-2 or CO16-5 blade with a debonded skin is not field repairable and must not be returned to service, the statement said. Any previously “repaired” main rotor blade is unairworthy and must be immediately removed from service.


Owners, operators and maintenance personnel who have or suspect they may have unairworthy blades should contact Robinson's Peter Hallqvist for verification and assistance in getting replacement blades.

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