Embraer Presents Concept eVTOL Aircraft at Uber Elevate

By R&WI Staff | May 9, 2018
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Embraer X eVTOL

Photo courtesy of Embraer

Embraer unveiled its first electrical vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft concept at the Uber Elevate Summit this week in Los Angeles. The concept is being created by Embraer X, an organization within the parent company focused on developing the disruptive businesses that transform transportation.

The development of the eVTOL concepts is being made in cooperation with Uber and other companies exploring business opportunities within the Uber Elevate ecosystem.


The eVTOL concept is an aircraft with a mission of serving passengers in an urban environment. There are a number of elements taken into consideration in its design including safety, passenger experience, affordability and a very low footprint in terms of noise and emissions.

There has been extensive interaction between Embraer X’s team and potential urban air travelers concerning their desired experience. This combined with the expertise of Embraer’s teams and partners went into the development of the eVOTL concept. Embraer X will continue to collaborate with communities to further the development of desired solutions for this new market.

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