Slovenian Manufacturer Unveils eVTOL Concept at Uber Elevate

By R&WI Staff | May 9, 2018
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Pipistrel eVTOL Uber

Image courtesy of Pipistrel

Pipistrel revealed its newest eVTOL concept and design at the Uber Elevate Summit in Los Angeles this week. The new aircraft uses dedicated propulsion systems for both cruising and vertical lift, as well as the ability to carry between two and six passengers.

The new concept will be able to go longer distances than previous models, the company said. It will use a new integrated vertical-lift system and is designed for scalability. It will also lower operating costs while offering an upgraded rider experience.


Uber plans to operate a network of small, electric aircraft in numerous cities worldwide as part of its Elevate aviation initiative. It is doing this to enable four-person ridesharing flights in densely populated urban markets. These electric vertical take-off and landing vehicles (eVTOLs) differ from helicopters in that they are quieter, safer, more affordable, and more environmentally-friendly.

Pipistrel is an aircraft designer and Uber Elevate partner. In 2011, it won the NASA Green Flight Challenge, which was the largest aviation prize in history at $1.5 million. Pipistrel is located in Slovenia and currently produces 15 different electric models.

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