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US Military Contracts Additional CHI S-61s For Afghanistan

By R&WI staff | May 24, 2018
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S-61L line drawing. CC BY 3.0

CHI Aviation will provide additional helicopter airlift support to the U.S. military in Afghanistan for missions including tactical troop transport and internal and external cargo operations.

The service provider was awarded a contract to provide two additional Sikorsky S-61s to support U.S. military troop and cargo movement. CHI currently has two helicopters operating out of Kandahar and will now provide two additional heavy-lift helicopters operating out of Bagram. Operations are to start by mid-June.


CHI is a leader in global helicopter operations including heavy and super heavy lift. The company specializes in transportation of people and cargo by helicopter and fixed-wing aircraft for applications that include aerial firefighting, search and rescue, heating-and-cooling system placement and aerial construction.

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