Lockheed Martin Adds VTOL Capability To Stalker XE Drone

By R&WI Staff | May 25, 2018
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Lockheed Martin Stalker XE

Lockheed Martin’s Stalker eXtended Endurance (XE) unmanned aerial system (UAS) has been upgraded with a vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) capability. This new option gives users greater mission flexibility and will allow them to operate the system in more austere locations.

The new VTOL option expands how and where the Stalker XE UAS can operate and reduces its logistics footprint. Other launch alternatives include a standard bungee launch system or a pneumatic rail.


Stalker XE is a small, silent UAS that provides long-endurance electro-optical, infrared, low-light and high-definition video. It features a digital backbone that allows for rapid plug and play of new and emerging sensor technologies.

Stalker XE is an all-weather system with a 12-foot wingspan, weighing 24 pounds with standard payloads. Depending on payloads and launch option, Stalker XE can fly up to 8 hours with a propane fuel cell or up to 4 hours with a battery option at a cruise speed of 35 mph.

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