Russia Signs Deals For 14 Mi-35 Helicopters To Central Asian Nations

By Dan Parsons | May 29, 2018
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Russia has closed deals with two of its former protectorates for more than a dozen Mi-35 transport and attack helicopters, according to Russian news agency TASS.

Kazakhstan ordered four Mi-35 helicopters from Russia May 29, according to Deputy Head of Russia’s Federal Service for Military and Technical Cooperation Vladimir Drozhzhov, according to TASS.

"A new contract for four Mi-35 helicopters has been signed. This year," Drozhzhov told TASS, without specifying the timeframe of the delivery of combat choppers to Kazakhstan.


It also was announced at the KADEX-2018 arms exhibition that Russia had signed a delivery contract with Kazakhstan on eight Sukhoi Su-30SM fighter jets and a battalion of Buk-M2E air defense missile systems.

Another order for 10 Mi-35 helicopters by Uzbekistan was announced May 28 by Drozhzhov at the ArmHiTec exhibition in Armenia.

Russia already signed a delivery contract with Kazakhstan in 2016 for four Mi-35 helicopters. The gunships are expected to be delivered in 2018. Kazakhstan plans to buy a total eight Mi-35 helicopters from Russia.

"We’ve got a delivery contract for Mi-35 helicopters signed in accordance with the agreements. The work is successful, and military-technical cooperation with Uzbekistan is actively developing," Drozhzhov said.

"More than 10 vehicles," TASS quotes Drozhzhov as saying. He mentioned also the possibility of the two countries signing a contract to deliver 12 Mi-35 helicopters.

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