Coptersafety Receives New AW139 Full Flight Simulator

By R&WI Staff | June 13, 2018
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Coptersafety AW139 Simulator

Coptersafety AW139 Simulator. Photo courtesy of Coptersafety

Coptersafety is continuing to grow and is now offering around-the-clock pilot training services with three new Level-D Full Flight Simulators. The latest simulator to join the roster is for the Leonardo AW139 with phase 7 avionics.

The new TRU Odyssey H AW139 Level-D Full Flight Simulator is equipped with Primus EPIC Phase 7 avionics and is European Aviation Safety Agency certified by the civil aviation authority of Finland.


The AgustaWestland Phase 7 software upgrade for the AW139 includes Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) Out transmissions, and upgrades to the Traffic Collision Avoidance System II (TCAS II) and Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System (EPGWS) featured in the legacy Primus Epic avionics cockpit of the AW139.

Coptersafety can now offer training services for customers who are operating with phase 7 avionics, with TCAS II integrated into training. In addition, the new simulator offers a Rockwell Collins 4K visual experience enriched by Coptersafety’s in-house visual team. The team can customize any terrain, weather conditions and different flight scenarios to offer a high fidelity training experience.

Coptersafety’s second AW139 simulator is the first phase 7 simulator in the world with the Rockwell Collins EP8100 image-generation system, a six-channel 4K projection system with a field of view of 240 deg by 80 deg and an additional secondary motion system. The simulator’s avionics are based on the latest rehosted Epic Phase 7.4 from Honeywell. Among the many benefits of the AW139 phase 7 simulator are features such as TCAS II, simulation of up to 7000 kg cargo loads and other upgrades.

Offering a variety of full-flight simulators with customized visuals and instructor expertise, Coptersafety is well-positioned to promote safety in the helicopter industry, the company says.

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