Bristow Opens New Galliano Facility for Offshore Ops

By Amy Kluber | June 19, 2018
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Bristow offshore helicopter

Photo courtesy of Bristow

Bristow Group has opened its newly designed facility in Galliano, Louisiana, Tuesday after years of threatening economic activity delayed decisions to move forward with the project.

Galliano is Bristow’s largest base serving its clients in the Gulf of Mexico. The new terminal will increase Bristow's operational capabilities and efficiencies to better service the region in anticipation for the return of deepwater drilling operations from the oil and gas industry.


In 2008, Bristow had considered expanding the existing Galliano facility after business had outgrown it. Plans were tabled due to the economic downturn and decreased market activity in the offshore oil and gas segment, Rob Phillips, Bristow's SVP of Americas, told R&WI. Phillips said the facility had survived various hurricanes through the years, including Hurricane Katrina, and the company reconsidered expansion plans by 2012 when the market had picked up again.

The existing terminal could not handle the facility's capacity of up to 50 passengers per day, Phillips said. The company began work on a temporary facility in 2014, which opened in 2015.

Bristow’s Galliano facility is the largest of the company's six North American bases. It has 42 helipads for medium and light helicopters, a ramp for heavier aircraft, and some spaces for overflow during hurricanes.

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