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EU Regulators Propose Common Drone Rules for Safety

By Amy Kluber | June 19, 2018
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European Commission's Violeta Bulc at a plenary session for common rules in the field of civil aviation and European Union Aviation Safety Agency. Photo by Mathieu Cugnot / © European Union 2018 - Source : EP

The European Union is on a path toward updated common rules for some civilian drones and their operators. The European Parliament and Council last week agreed on new safety rules for drones and drone operators across the entire union.

Currently drones lighter than 150 kg are regulated under national rules, and therefore are subjected to different design and safety requirements. The new rules would call for commonality among all drones.


The rules, which were passed by 558 votes for and 71 against, are seen as enhancing safety, according to a European Parliament press release. An established national registry and drone identification would allow drone operators to identify the vehicles when needed.

The EU Commission estimates the drone industry will create 150,000 jobs in the EU by 2050.

The rules will now move on to be approved by EU ministers.

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