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400 Tourists Rescued By Helicopter From James Bond Villain’s Lair in Swiss Alps

By Dan Parsons | June 22, 2018
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Some 400 tourists have been rescued by helicopters from a Swiss mountaintop resort restaurant that once served as a James Bond super-villain's lair.

Tourists visiting the Piz Gloria resort atop the 10,000-ft Schiltorn mountain became stranded when the cablecar — the only way up or down — was knocked out by a technical defect, according to a statement from Schilthorn AG company, which operates the cable car.


Guests and staff of the resort, which served as the lair of Bond’s archnemesis Ernst Stavro Blofeld in 1969’s “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service,” were flown to the valley town of Murren on five helicopters.

“Our guests and staff have been flown from Birg middle-station to Mürren with five helicopters,” the company posted on Twitter.

The evacuation was completed June 21 in two hours by nearby emergency services rotorcraft, at least one of which was an Airbus Helicopters H135, according to photos posted on social media.

The cablecar was back up and running on schedule again Friday, the company said.

Housing a rotating restaurant, Piz Gloria is today both a destination for sightseers and hardcore bond fans. The restaurant was partially financed by the production crew on the 1969 film, which stars Telly Savalas as Blofeld and Australian George Lazenby in his only turn as the superspy.

During the film’s climax, Bond leads a band of rogue fighters on a mission to destroy Blofeld’s base and save the only woman he would ever marry, Theresa, played by Diana Rigg. They assault the mountaintop aboard a small fleet of Bell UH-1s.

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