China Validates H125 FastFin Stability System

By R&WI Staff | June 26, 2018
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The H125 FastFin is now FAA-approved. Photo courtesy of BLR Aerospace

BLR Aerospace confirms that the Civil Aviation Administration of China validated the supplemental type certificate for its FastFin anti-torque stability system. The move clears the way for installation of FastFin on Airbus Helicopters H125s in China. It is the first FastFin System to be validated in China.

The H125 FastFin System uses advanced airflow management to increase the effectiveness of the H125 anti-torque system for significant increases to useful load and aircraft stability. The mechanism is especially helpful in maintaining stability in high/hot conditions. Benefits include a useful load increase up to 120 pounds and a 10 percent improvement in pedal margins.


Thirty-five H125 FastFin Systems have been sold to date and are operating in seven countries. More than 1,100 FastFin Systems are flying worldwide.

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