US Navy Osprey Variant to Begin Production under $4B Contract

By Amy Kluber | July 2, 2018
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Bell Boeing MV-22

Bell Boeing MV-22. Photo courtesy of Bell

Bell Boeing will begin V-22 work for the U.S. Navy in a contract worth $4 billion. The new CMV-22B variant will serve as the Navy's future carrier onboard delivery aircraft.

The more than $4.1 billion contract is a modification to a prior acquisition contract. It provides for the manufacture and delivery of 39 CMV-22B aircraft for the Navy, 14 MV-22B aircraft for the U.S. Marine Corps, one CV-22B for the U.S. Air Force and four MV-22B aircraft for Japan — a total of 58 tiltrotors. Delivery is expected to begin in 2020.


The Navy will use the new aircraft for transporting personnel and cargo to aircraft carriers. The aircraft will replace the C-2 Greyhound. The entire transition is expected to last until 2026.

“By combining aircraft for three services and a key U.S. ally into one multi-year order, the U.S. Navy gets more capability for its procurement dollar,” said Kristin Houston, Boeing's VP of tiltrotor programs and director of Bell Boeing's V-22 program.

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